Top 3 Ways To Get Lashes That Look Like This

There are a few ways to get this gorgeous lash look. Whether you want to go the more ‘au natural’ route or you’re ready for a lash extension appointment, these are your main options:

1. Lash Serums – There are few lash serums (Revitalash, Babe Lash, etc.) that you put along your lash line, they contain vitamins that stimulate hair growth and will really increase the thickness and length of your lashes. Pros: Natural, easy, no real risks in using the serum, none of the irritation that comes from fake lashes. Cons: Serums like Babe Lash and Revita Lash run about $60 a unit :o, you won’t get the same level of volume you will with fake lashes or lash extensions.

2. Glue On, Over The Counter Lash Extensions – These are easy to find at any local beauty store. There is just a real knack to getting them on. They are tricky. I’ve never been able to do it successfully. But, some ladies figure it out and putting them on is part of their morning routine. Pro’s: They are relatively cheap, you can give your eyes a break from fake lashes whenever. Cons: Pain in the butt to get them on and stay on all day, daily wear can add up in cost.

3. Lash Extensions – This involves visiting a lash extension specialist (they’re everywhere :)). The cost is usually around $50-60 per refill. (First set is usually $100-120) The session where lashes are applied usually last around an hour. Refills (because lashes slowly fall out over the next couple of weeks) are usually needed every 2-4 weeks depending on the person. Pros: They look amazing – you can have them as natural or as full looking as you want, no daily fussing with fake lashes. Cons: Pricey, $100 roughly per month to upkeep, Somewhat time consuming to have 2 – 1 hour appointments per month.