Are you dying trying to think of valentines day gift ideas for your boyfriend, brother or husband?
Guys can be REALLY hard to shop for, but we have compiled a list of things almost EVERY guy loves. We’re not promoting any specific products, but here are some ideas that will jog your brain and get you thinking of something he will LOVE.

Here’s our compiled list of things almost every guy loves:

1. A Cool Hat/Ball cap (perhaps from his fav pro team)
2. High-end Headphones. Beats are always a good gift!
3. A Quality Hoodie
4. A Home Speaker
5. Shaving Cream Set or shaving subscription
6. iPhone X or other newly released smart phone
7. Cologne
8. Sunglasses
9. A Beanie
10. Food (set of barbecue sauces, luxury food items)

11. A Tie
12. A Watch
13. A Backpack
14. Dinner Date (doesn’t have to be fancy, but make it thoughtful)
15. Tool Set
16. Sweets, sugar is always good!
17. Concert Tickets
18. A Wallet
19. Sports Events Tickets
20. Camping Equipment