Exercise Myths

Experts claim that there are many myths and half-truths in the fitness world. Everyone is looking to maximize results, but our bodies react differently to exercise. What works in a certain way for one person might not work the same way for another. Though some myths are harmless, others may be hindering you from fully achieving your fitness goal.
To help you get fit, we consulted professional fitness trainers and compiled a list of the most common exercise myths.

No pain, no gain
There is a widespread misconception that one must feel pain in order to get the benefits of working out. Though the gains increase with intensity, you don’t have to overdo it. Professional fitness instructors recommend doing frequent moderate intensity exercises over occasional vigorous-intensity exercises. You need to exercise smart not hard.

You should stretch before workouts to prevent injuries
It is important to do some dynamic warm-ups before a workout, but you don’t have to stretch. In fact, it’s actually better to stretch after the workout when your muscles are warm. Studies show that stretching before an exercise neither prevents nor causes injury.

You can “spot-train”
The most common is spot-reducing for tight abs and toned arms. The truth is, if you want to lose fat from a particular spot, you have to lose overall body fat as fat cells are distributed across the whole body.

Cardio machines can count the calories you burn
The number of calories you burn depends on your age, sex, BMI, and fitness level. Each manufacturer uses a different algorithm to calculate calorie expenditure hence the numbers given are likely not accurate.

Lifting weights lead to bulky muscles
Women don’t have the specific genes or hormones to add muscle bulk hence it’s very difficult for them to make their muscles big and bulky. Their testosterone levels are way less than in men. Moreover, lifting lighter weights will actually help you get a leaner body.

Exercise turns fat into muscle
This is completely false as one type of cell cannot be turned into another. Exercise helps you to lose fat by burning calories and build muscle through strength training.