Quiz – How Controlling Are You?

Nobody really likes to feel like they have absolutely no control in a situation. While being able to take some control to organize and lead is a positive attribute, there is definitely a way to take being controlling too far. Do you think you’re too controlling?

What is a controlling person?
It’s someone who needs to have the people around him or her behave in certain ways and not in others. As we go through life we’ll deal with many types of people. A critical life skill for us to develop is the skill of managing our relationships. We must be able to know if someone is trying to control us, or worse.. if we are trying to control others!

They know your problem before you tell them
We come to those we love for advice, but a controller doesn’t give advice, they give solutions. They know that your problem is, how to fix it and expect you to do all they say to do so. There is no negotiating with this kind of person. They always know whats best.

They can’t understand why anyone would think differently than them
Ever heard the old saying “agree to disagree”? This would never fly with a controlling personality. They must argue their point until you decided to change your mind and agree with them. It’s basically a my way or the highway kind or situation.

They get angry when you don’t follow their advice
It’s just that. Controlling people get upset when you stray from exactly what they say. “Why would you even ask for advice if your are not going to follow it?”

They have rules and expect you to follow them
Folks who need to control other people make up universal rules and apply them to everybody. They don’t care what you think about their rules, it could be as silly as not answering text right away, or hugging a friend of the opposite sex, you’ll be judged on your adherence to them, either way!