4 Reasons People Cheat

People are motivated by different things when they cheat, they may be bored with the current relationship or lack feelings of loyalty in general. Here are some of the most common reasons people cheat:

1. They feel something is missing. Everyone has different needs. They may think someone else will give them what they need. Something may be missing from their current relationship. When there are unmet needs in the current relationship that have gone on for too long, it can create a temptation to get those needs met somewhere else.

2. The desire to be with someone else. Even if you are happy in your current relationship someone else may seem more interesting and you naturally feel closer to that person. That feeling may cause certain emotions that lead to trouble. Sometimes a work relationship with someone else can turn into a relationship that has such strong feelings tht

3. Revenge – A partner may discover that the other partner has not been completely honest with them and they want to get even. Watch out because this can back fire and leads to unhappiness for both. Cheating and creating jealousy only weakens a relationship, it doesn’t strengthen it.

4. They don’t know what they really want. Maybe the cheating partner doesn’t really know what they’re looking for. Maybe they are being indecisive. They may be too immature and flighty to be in a committed relationship. If this is the case, the relationship may be unsaveable. Someone who is too immature to be in a committed relationship isn’t really someone that can be worked with.

If you’re in a relationship where your partner has cheated on you, evaluate the relationship and whether or not it is worth saving. Many marriage and long term relationships have survived a cheating partner but it does require work and genuine remorse and change from the cheating partner.

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