Relationships – What’s Your Attachment Style?

Did you know that your relationship attachment style can tell you more about the kind of people you will attract and whether those relationships will work or not almost more than any other factors?

Scroll below to see what it all means.

Once you have taken the quiz linked above you’ll have a better idea of how your attachment style affects your relationships.

If you are:

Avoidant: If you are avoidant you’ll find that those who are Anxious are attracted to you and will try, usually unsuccesfully to get close to you. In which case you’ll feel suffocated and push them away. Avoidants and other avoidants RARELY can have a relationship. They are both too quick to bail at any sign of closeness or intimacy.

Anxious: If you are anxious you tend to gravitate to those who are either secure or avoidant in an effort to win their affection. Anxious/Avoidant relationships are common, but they are a difficult struggle. Anxious/Secure relationships are usually hopeful. The secure person is able to anchor the relationship with security and relieve the anxious person’s fears.

Secure: If you are secure then you can easily have healthy relationships with those who are also secure and also oftentimes with those who are Anxious. Having a relationship with an avoidant is hard for any attachment style.

Do Love Spells Work?

Do you think love spells work? Many people turn to love spells in an attempt to get their ex back or to get their crush to have feelings for them. Do you think it works? Or is it bogus?

Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Be Popular

Your star sign has a huge impact on your personality and how you then connect and build relationships with others. It might feel like some people are just born popular, and it’s their zodiac sign that causes this by giving them characteristics that people are naturally attracted to.

Whilst these are 4 of the zodiac signs likely to be popular, there’s nothing to stop all of the signs from developing incredible friendship groups. All signs connect to one another differently so the features which attract one person, might intimidate or put off another. The signs above simply connect with the broadest range of people so have a potential to become very popular without any real effort from them.

Signs You’re In Love With a Jerk

1. You make excuses for their behavior
When they do something bad or let you down, you give yourself or your family and friends the most seemingly logical explanations for their behavior. You keep on rationalizing and explaining their bad behavior, but deep down you know you’re wrong.

2. They call all the shots
It’s seldom about what you want but always about them dictating the plans. They don’t consider your interests and assume you’re okay with everything.

3. You show more effort than them
You’re always the one who puts more work into the relationship, and your work goes unnoticed. They rarely appreciate your gestures and the only time they reciprocate is when they want something.

4. They give lame excuses for their bad behavior
When you get upset at their behavior, they usually use how “damaged” they are as an excuse. Their other excuses include previous relationships, having trust issues, and not being sure how to love again, amongst others. They also use sob stories, so you feel sorry for them and forget their poor behavior.

5. They use humor to disrespect or insult you
They make mean jokes and do not understand the difference between teasing and being a jerk. When you get offended and confront them about it, they claim that it was all a joke. Some even accuse you of being insensitive.

6. You have to chase them to get your needs met
They don’t have your best interests at heart hence make promises that they don’t keep. You often have to force them to do something for you and sometimes even when you push them they never do. When you need them, they are rarely available or come up with some excuses for why they can’t assist.

7. Your emotions depend on their actions
Your emotions, feelings, and thoughts hinge on their actions in a very unhealthy way. When they give you attention, you feel excited, and when they go cold, you become depressed.

Signs You’re Being Controlled And Manipulated By Someone Else

Everyone wants to have their emotional needs met, but sometimes these needs come at a cost that shouldn’t be attached. No one wants to think that they’re in a relationship that isn’t mutually fulfilling, but the reality is that anyone can get involved in a relationship that is dominated by a manipulative personality.

Are you worried that you or one of your friends is currently in a manipulative relationship? Here are some signs to watch out for.

You’re Always Expected to Change Your Plans
If you find yourself constantly expected to change your plans without any reciprocation from your partner, you might be in a manipulative relationship. This isn’t directed at people who are forced to change plans because of their partner’s job. Though inconvenient, your partner shouldn’t be held responsible for the behavior of an irrational boss (though the should consider getting a better job).

This applies to you if you find that the date you scheduled has been changed to something your partner prefers (consistently), or you go to their parents house for Christmas even though the plan was to go to your hometown because you just saw their parents for Thanksgiving.

You’re Always Made to Feel Guilty
Anytime you do something that your partner doesn’t like, you end up feeling guilty. Were you planning to go spend time with your friends only to be made to feel like you have abandoned your partner? You’re probably a victim of manipulation.

You Find Yourself Doing Things You Really Don’t Want To Do
If you find yourself agreeing to one small favor that suddenly turns into a bunch of bigger favors that you never would have agreed to in the first place, you might be a victim of manipulation. This isn’t fair, regardless of what your partner says. They shouldn’t have to take advantage of your kind disposition to get what they want.

Signs You’re Being a Bad Girlfriend

No one is perfect no matter how hard they try, but when it comes to your significant other, the stakes are a bit higher. Your partner should be the one person in your life that you are willing to move heaven and earth for, so you should be hard on yourself if you find that you aren’t investing enough into your relationship.

Are you worried you aren’t pulling your weight? Here are some classic signs that you’re being a bad girlfriend.

You Flirt All The Time
Flirting with others when you’re in a relationship is a classic sign that you aren’t dedicated to your partner. The effort you spend flirting with other men or women is time that you should be dedicating to your partner. No excuses.

You Want The World But Don’t Want To Give It
Being pampered every now and then is nice, but don’t you think your partner feels the same way? If you’re constantly demanding more from your partner but not doing anything to give back, you’re being a bad girlfriend.

You’ve Cheated
Trust is one of the biggest factors in your relationship and cheating is the biggest violation of that trust. If you feel like you can go behind your partner’s back with another person, why are you even dating them?

You Don’t Mind Forgetting Major Milestones
Remembering days that mean the world to you can slip your mind at times if you’re on a busy schedule, but the feeling that comes from forgetting shows you care. If you can’t be bothered to feel anything about forgetting because ‘it’s just another day on the calendar’ you’re being a bad girlfriend.

You’re Embarrassed To Say You’re in a Relationship
There’s no excuse for this. You were the one who decided you wanted to be in a relationship – flaunt it. You should take every opportunity you have to brag about your amazing partner and how much you love them.

Why He Never Texted You Back

If you’ve ever started talking to a new love interest and then been mystified by the sudden cease in communication, you’re not alone. As terrible as the feeling is, ‘ghosting’ is becoming a common phenomenon, especially among millennials.

Feeling a little blue because your new beau still hasn’t texted back? Here are a few reasons for why he may not be texting you back.

He Feels Pressure To Make A Decision
Even if you personally haven’t put any pressure on your new beau, chances are he’s feeling the heat if you’ve gone on more than two dates together. With such a hectic world, it’s becoming common curtesy to make sure that you’re honest with the people you date so you don’t waste their time. If he’s taking longer than usual to text back, he might just be evaluating a potential relationship.

He’s Got a Lot on His Plate
Social media can be tiring at times and texting is no exception. If he sees a vague text from you that gives him the impression you’re just bored and looking to kill time, he may not feel the need to answer. Can this be frustrating? Yes. But chances are if he’s not responding because he’s prioritizing other things, you’ll get his attention by being straightforward and telling him you’d like to meet in person.

He Forgot
Texting may be your go to communication tool, but that doesn’t mean it’s his. He may have seen your message at an inconvenient time and forgotten about it until it was too late. It may be frustrating, but cut the guy some slack – it has nothing to do with his feelings towards you.

He’s Just Not Into You
Rejection never feels good and chances are he’s feeling a little guilty about not reciprocating feelings towards you. Just keep in mind that this has nothing to do with you on a personal level and that you’ll find the right person eventually – it’s just not him.

When Should You Give Up on a Guy?

Being in a relationship is a great feeling, but sometimes it’s a feeling that you’re entirely too reluctant to let go of. If you’ve met someone great the last thing you want to do is let them go, but sometimes it’s really the best thing to do.
How do you know if you really need to move on or you’re just feeling insecure? Here are a few signs you should watch out for if you think it’s time to leave your guy.

He Doesn’t Make Time For You
Everyone gets busy from time to time, but if you find that you’re constantly bugging him for more alone time, you might need to take a minute to think about your situation. Talk to him about how you’re feeling and see how he responds. If he’s surprised you’re feeling that way and makes an effort to understand where you’re coming from, you might be jumping the gun. If not, it’s time to do some thinking.

You’re on Different Paths
You may really care for this man, but if the duration of your relationship has taught you that you’re on a different path in life, you may need some time alone. Talk to him about how you feel you’re changing and take the time to listen to his thoughts and concerns. Having differences doesn’t mean you need to leave, but have different life goals might.

He Doesn’t Like Talking About The Future
Lots of people are scared to talk about the future, but if he continues to evade your questions even after you’ve expressed your reasons for wanting the conversation you may need to think twice. Before giving up on him though, keep a few things in mind:

• If you’re only 6 months to a year into the relationship, slow down. Having a future with the person you care about is important, but so is enjoying the early part of your relationship.
• Men in our generation are constantly pressured to be young minded and avoid responsibility. Make sure it really is him talking and not his friends before you leave.
• Thinking about the future shouldn’t just be on him. Try letting him know some of your thoughts – without pressuring him to answer back – to see if he feels more relaxed about the topic when he’s listening to you instead of pressured to give you answers that may not light up with your expectations.

Are You in Love?

Here are some signs that you might be in love:

A lot of these signs are signs of infatuation. Real love is compassion and caring that grows over time. But even mutual infatuation can lead to a long term relationship if once the process starts there is commitment, compassion and time invested. Mutual infatuation can very much lead to a healthy long term marriage or relationship.

How many of the signs listed in the slideshow above can you relate to?