What Makes Men Irresistably Attracted To Certain Women

1. Humor – It’s not what you think. Men are drawn to women who think that THEY are funny. They like funny women, but are especially drawn to women that make them feel like a comedian. Studies have actually proven this. One study analyzed 3000 singles ads that showed that women show appreciation for humor, whereas men show humor production ability 😉

2. Men Like to Be Liked – Guys like it when they feel that a women likes them, just not to a ‘stalker level’. But when a women shows no interest at all, men tend to get bored with no reciprocation and move on.

3. Talk About Your Feelings – When women open up about personal feelings and emotional life subjects, men tend to feel more connected. This sets the stage for intimacy.

4. Childlike Attitudes – One dating coach noticed a pattern that men are consistently drawn to women who have a childlike playfulness and lighthearted attitude toward life. It creates attraction and men are drawn to it.

5.Inspiring Trust – Sometimes when women are angry and upset then withdraw emotionally and pull away. Sometimes men don’t even know what they did wrong, so they emotional reactions like this can cause them to feel more untrusting. But, if emotional situations are dealt with in a healthy way and men feel more trusting, they an feel more attracted.

5 Signs That You’re An Emotional Person

Do sappy commercials pull on your heart strings? Do you feel other people’s joy and pain? Some might call it being oversensitive. You might have been picked on for it at one point in your life. This may have caused you to protect your heart. Maybe you’re denying the sensitive, emotional person you are for fear of being judged. The thing is, emotional people have so much to give to others. You’re intuitive and expressive. You have an endless well of love and compassion for others. Don’t deny it of yourself. Brain scans have even found that a sensitive person has a sensitive nervous system. This can explain any feelings of being overwhelmed when there’s a lot of noise. Here are some signs that can indicate if you’re a sensitive person. 1. You Feel Everything As an emotional person, you tend to feel a lot and it can happen all at once. You might not even be able to grasp onto what you’re actually feeling. Are you happy or sad? Anxious or excited? It could be all at once for the emotional person. Of course it’s seriously intense to manage but it’s also a beautiful thing. You know you’re alive and with any negative emotions you feel, you also intensely feel the good emotions. You can feel deep joy that others will never know. It’s all about taking the good with the bad. 2. You Let Out a lot of Tears You will cry a lot. This includes crying with joy when you see something beautiful. Movies and commercials can get those tears streaming down your face too. It might freak others out but they don’t get that you’re not at the end of your rope. Tears can fall for the smallest things for you so it’s not always some painful, heartbreaking feeling that invokes them. You might even enjoy the release of crying. If you’re a deeply emotional breed of human, you’d rather let out your tears and feel everything than be numb to life. 3. Anxiety May Arise in Social Situations As an emotional person, you can feel energy around you. This can make it difficult to be around a lot of people, especially if the vibe isn’t great. If you’re sensitive, you may worry that you’ve hurt someone’s feelings because your feelings can be hurt so easily. Social anxiety can kick in. The most important thing to remember is not to jump to conclusions about the people around you. Remember that you are sensitive and you may be overanalyzing situations. 4. You May Be an Introvert Often, being emotional and being an introvert go hand in hand. This is not always the case but when you’re emotional, you’re sensitive to stimuli. This means you don’t like big crowds and loud music. You don’t want to partake in intense, controversial conversations. You are going to be more affected by these situations than other people. It is possible that you’re an extrovert however. If you are, you will benefit from getting out of your own emotional head and breaking any negative thought patterns that often plague you. Either way, you can find a balance in your life. 5. You Are an Awesome Partner and Friend You are a wonderful person to be around. As an emotional person, you don’t just tend to your own feelings but to others as well. Your relationships are deeply meaningful and you’re very aware of the people in your life. You go out of your way to brighten their days and to make them happier. When they need you, you make yourself available. You are intuitive too so if a friend needs help, you’ll usually know before they ask for it. If you have healthy people in your life, they will cherish it and you will receive much in return. The caution here is that unhealthy people will take advantage of you. There is a possibility you could take on a doormat roll. It’s best that you focus your energy on people that are caring and compassionate. Thanks to your keen emotional guidance system, you will know who the good guys are in life.

Signs of An Addictive Personality

Addiction is a serious condition and affects the lives of countless people all over the world. It can ruin careers and break up marriages and families. Most people think of substance addiction when they think of addiction, but there are many things that people can become addicted to that are not substances.

If you notice that you are experiencing some of the traits listed above then you could be the type of person who has an addictive personality. People use their addictions as a coping mechanism to deal with things in their lives that they do not like. But there are many ways to develop healthy coping mechanisms for the stressors in your life. If you notice that many of the things on the list above seem to resonate for you then it might be worth speaking to a counsellor to find out how to develop healthier coping mechanisms.
If you already have an addiction, and want to get help, get into contact with a trained addictions counsellor to help you overcome your addiction. Reach out to family and friends during this time, they want to help you to overcome your addictions and become the best version of you that you can be!

What’s Your Chinese Zodiac & What Does it Mean?

Chinese Zodiac Signs:
Select your animal based on the year you were born. Then, see what it means below:

Rat: 2008, 1996, 1984, 1972, 1960
Ox: 2009, 1997, 1985, 1973, 1961
Tiger: 2010, 1998, 1986, 1974, 1962
Rabbit: 2011, 1999, 1987, 1975, 1963
Dragon: 2012, 2000, 1988, 1976, 1964
Snake: 2013, 2001, 1989, 1977, 1965
Horse: 2014, 2002, 1990, 1978, 1966
Goat: 2015, 2003, 1991, 1979, 1967
Monkey: 2016, 2004, 1992, 1980, 1968
Rooster: 2017, 2005, 1993, 1981, 1969
Dog: 2018, 2006, 1994, 1982, 1970
Pig: 2019, 2007, 1995, 1983, 1971

Rat: With strong intuition and quick response, they always easily adapt themselves to a new environment. With rich imaginations and sharp observation, Rats can take advantage of various opportunities well. Rats have strong curiosity, so they tend to try their hands at anything, and they can deal with it skillfully.

Ox: Oxes are known for diligence, dependability, strength and determination. Having an honest nature, Oxes have a strong patriotism for their country, have ideals and ambitions for life, and attach importance to family and work. These things reflect the traditional characteristics of conservatives.

Tiger: Tigers are brave, competitive, unpredictable, and self-confident. They are very charming and well-liked by others. But sometimes they are likely to be impetuous, irritable, and overindulged.

Rabbit: Rabbits tend to be gentle, quiet, elegant, and alert; quick, skillful, kind, and patient; and particularly responsible. However, they might be superficial, stubborn, melancholy, and overly-discreet. Generally speaking, people who belong to the Rabbit zodiac sign have likable characters.

Dragon: Among Chinese zodiac animals, the Dragon is the sole imaginary animal. The Dragon is the most vital and powerful beast in the Chinese zodiac, although with an infamous reputation for being a hothead and possessing a sharp tongue. In ancient times, people thought that Dragons could control everything in the world with their character traits of dominance and ambition.

Snake: Snakes tend to act according to their own judgments, even while remaining the most private and reticent. They are determined to accomplish their goals and hate to fail. They represent the symbol of wisdom. They are intelligent and wise. They are good at communication but say little. Snakes are usually regarded as great thinkers.

Horse: People born in a year of the Horse are extremely animated, active and energetic. Horses love to be in a crowd, and they can usually be seen on such occasions as concerts, theater performances, meetings, sporting events, and parties.

Goat: People born in a year of the Goat are generally believed to be gentle mild-mannered, shy, stable, sympathetic, amicable, and brimming with a strong sense of kindheartedness and justice.

Monkey: People born in a year of the Monkey have magnetic personalities and are witty and intelligent. Personality traits like mischievousness, curiosity, and cleverness, make them very naughty. Monkeys are masters of practical jokes, because they like playing most of the time. Though they don’t have bad intentions, their pranks sometimes hurt the feelings of others.

Rooster: Roosters are always active, amusing, and popular within a crowd. Roosters are talkative, outspoken, frank, open, honest, and loyal individuals. They like to be the center of attention and always appear attractive and beautiful.

Dog: As Dogs are not good at communication, it is difficult for them to convey their thoughts to others. Therefore, Dogs tend to leave others with the impression that they have a stubborn personality. Born with a good nature, Dogs do not tend to be criminals or seek dishonest gains. They just need a quiet life and a good family and, therefore, forget the ugliness and evil on Earth.

Pig: Pigs are diligent, compassionate, and generous. They have great concentration: once they set a goal, they will devote all their energy to achieving it. Though Pigs rarely seek help from others, they will not refuse to give others a hand. Pigs never suspect trickery, so they are easily fooled.

Quiz – How Controlling Are You?

Nobody really likes to feel like they have absolutely no control in a situation. While being able to take some control to organize and lead is a positive attribute, there is definitely a way to take being controlling too far. Do you think you’re too controlling?

What is a controlling person?
It’s someone who needs to have the people around him or her behave in certain ways and not in others. As we go through life we’ll deal with many types of people. A critical life skill for us to develop is the skill of managing our relationships. We must be able to know if someone is trying to control us, or worse.. if we are trying to control others!

They know your problem before you tell them
We come to those we love for advice, but a controller doesn’t give advice, they give solutions. They know that your problem is, how to fix it and expect you to do all they say to do so. There is no negotiating with this kind of person. They always know whats best.

They can’t understand why anyone would think differently than them
Ever heard the old saying “agree to disagree”? This would never fly with a controlling personality. They must argue their point until you decided to change your mind and agree with them. It’s basically a my way or the highway kind or situation.

They get angry when you don’t follow their advice
It’s just that. Controlling people get upset when you stray from exactly what they say. “Why would you even ask for advice if your are not going to follow it?”

They have rules and expect you to follow them
Folks who need to control other people make up universal rules and apply them to everybody. They don’t care what you think about their rules, it could be as silly as not answering text right away, or hugging a friend of the opposite sex, you’ll be judged on your adherence to them, either way!

What Does Your Eye Color Say About You?

The old cliche saying “The eyes are the window to the soul” could not be more true! Your eyes reveal way more about your personality than you might think, especially their color.

You might think that light eyes are more rare that dark eyes, or brown eyes are brown eyes and green eyes are green eyes, but that isn’t always the case. There are several variations of eye color found all over the world. Here are some of the most common eye colors in the US:

1. Blue/Grey Irises – 32%
2. Blue/Grey/Green Irises with Brown/Yellow Specks – 15%
3. Green/Light Brown Irises with Minimal Specks – 12%
4. Brown Irises with Specks – 16%
5. Dark Brown Irises – 25%

AllAboutVision.com recently conducted a survey of their visitors, asking them which eye color they considered most attractive. Here are the preferences, from more than 66,000 responses:

Green: 20.3%
Light blue: 16.9%
Hazel: 16.0%
Dark blue: 15.2%
Gray: 10.9%
Honey: 7.9%
Amethyst: 6.9%
Brown: 5.9%

Eye color can also play a part in your heath. Here are some heath problems associated with certain eye types.
1. Dark-eyed people are more likely to have cataracts.
2. Vitiligo is less common among blue-eyed people.
3. Melanoma is more common in people with blue eyes.
4. People with dark eyes may be more sensitive to alcohol.
5. Women with light eyes may better withstand pain.
6. People with light eyes may be more likely to have age-related macular degeneration.
7. Changing eye color could be a sign something’s wrong.

Eye color is often associated with a personality type or temperament. Select your eye color above to see what it says about yours!

What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?

It’s crazy how much you can tell from a person’s handwriting. Just like body language, your handwriting speaks volumes about your character. Let’s put it to the test! Grab a piece of paper and pencil and jot this sentence down. “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.”

Size does matter
When analyzing your handwriting, the size is critical. If you write with large letters, you’re an extrovert. You’re outgoing, confident, and find it easy to establish contact with new people. You don’t mind being the center of attention. If you write with tiny letters, you’re likely to have an introverted personality. You are focused, careful, and shy. You always pay attention to the details and analyze people before you become confident and comfortable around them.

Spacing between words and letters
Wide spacing between words indicates that you have trust issues. You are prone to loneliness and avoid contact with other people. Average spacing shows that you feel comfortable with others. If you choose to write with narrow spaces, you may be unstable in either emotions or thinking. You feel the need to be around people and can’t stand to be alone. Average spacing between letters indicates a self-confident and independent person. Letters written close together show that you feel uncomfortable about yourself and probably have low self-esteem.

If your writing doesn’t slant, you’re a practical, logical, and balanced person. You have control over your emotions and situations in your environment. If, however, you writing slants to the right, you may be less controlled and more open to new experiences. You like to meet new people and change excites you. But there is a third option: if you tilt your letters to the left, you may be more cautious and timid. You do not like being the center of attention but you’re good at teamwork.

Dotting your i’s
The dot over ’i’ seems like an insignificant detail, but you would be impressed to see how much it says about you. If you place the dot high, you most likely have a great imagination. You’re a habitual dreamer with your head in the clouds. If you use a dash, you are overly-critical and observant. You push yourself to the fullest and always feel like you can do better. A circle or another symbol instead of a dot shows that you’re creative and often act childishly. You love to play and take advantage of every opportunity you have to leave your personal stamp on what you do.

The pressure you put on paper speaks of your vitality and inner security. Heavy pressure speaks of your strength, high self-esteem, and confidence. You are very committed and always look forward. But if the pressure is soft, you are more likely to be sensitive and empathetic. You always doubt yourself and you find it difficult to make decisions.

What Genre of Music Matches Your Personality?

Think the music you love is part of your identity? You might be right…

Just as a glimpse inside a bedroom or office provides clues about someone’s character, so too can a peek at someone’s playlist. The question “What kind of music do you like?” is so revealing, it is one of the number one topics of conversation among young adults who are getting to know each other. So what do your tunes say about you?

Music’s tempo, rhythm and lyrics all play apart when it comes to the R&B listener. These fans tens to be more creative, open-mindedness and extroversion.

Fans of jazz, classical and other “complex” music typically have above-average IQ scores.

Fans of country and Top 40 hits tend to be more conventional, honest and conservative compared with fans of other genres.

Whether you can study or work efficiently while listening to music may depend on how outgoing you are. Background music can help extroverts focus, but tends to torment introverts.

Pop or Rock
It may work for Rocky Balboa, but music doesn’t always pump up athletes. Motivational music can give weightlifters an edge. Runners, however, don’t move farther or faster with the help of motivational music. But who cares.. we all get pumped when we hear that music that cheers on the underdog!

Electric or Hip-Hop
Fans of energetic music like dance and soul are more likely to impulsively blurt out their thoughts, compared with fans of other styles.

What Does Your Finger Length Say About You?

A-Charming and Realastic
Do others often flirt with you, or respond well to your flirtations? It’s probably because your ring finger is longer than your index finger. You ooze with confidence and charm, so you tend to take more risks — and they often pay off handsomely. You have a very aggressive behavior in sports and in any field where competition is involved. Skills in financial trading and negotiations are strong. Some might say you can a bit aggressive, but if you know what you want, why not go for it?
Your perfect profession would be soldier, salesperson, or CEO.

B- Confident Natural Leader
Would you consider yourself a confident, take-charge kind of person? If your index finger is longer than your ring finger, then your answer should be “heck yes!” You were born to lead the pack. In sticky situations, you’re quick on your toes and eager to guide the way. You are full of self-esteem and sometimes can be arrogant to others. You generally tend to have your own time and do not like to be disturbed by others.Resourceful, even-tempered, and confident, people look to you for the right answers.
Your ideal job would be politician, author of self-help books, teacher, coach or manager.

C-Peacemaker and Good Communicator
Are people always telling you their deepest secrets, even if you don’t know them very well? It’s probably because your ring finger and index finger are the exact same length. You’re a balanced person who tends to listen twice and speak once, and people are drawn to that. You make others feel comforted and appreciated when they need it most. You’re peaceful, compassionate, and warm, so you’re at your best when helping others.
Your ideal profession would be nurse or doctor, social worker, or therapist.