Weight Loss – The Fasting Trick

Are you looking for a new diet to try that lets you eat basically whatever you want? Do you want to do away with calorie counting or tough food restrictions? Follow the simple plan detailed below to see how you can lose weight by just adjusting the TIMING of your meals, instead of what you’re eating.

The Simple Diet Plan – Here’s how it works:

Simply follow the 16:8 rule where you fast for 16 hours and only eat during an 8 hour window. So, if you start at 10am then you would eat between the hours of 10-6pm only. The only rule to follow during those hours is just to follow a generally healthy, balanced diet. You don’t need to count calories but the plan will backfire if during those times you gorge on junk food and densely caloric meals.

The Pros: People who are currently dieting this way are reporting consistent weight loss, feeling more energized and feeling that their digestion is better. Also, it’s nice to stop counting calories and just eat what sounds good as long as it’s within the designated time frame.

The Cons:  It can be tough for social situations where there is eating and drinking later at night. You may need to adjust the hours of your fast accordingly.

Try it out and see how it works for you!

Dieting? Tricks to Stopping Thinking About Food

Are you dieting but having the hardest time thinking about anything but food? Try these tricks to get yourself to the next meal without slipping!

1. Drink Something Instead – Drink calorie free lemon water or somthing like that! Make flavored water with almost no calories.

2. Try Sugar Free or Low Calorie Hard Candy – Sometimes when you’re thinking about food you’re really just bored. If you suck on a piece of hard candy or even better, sugar-free hard candy, then you’re occupying your mouth without eating an entire meal.

3. Get Something Done – When you think about food, instead switch gears and think about a small task that needs to be done like: switching the laundry or doing the dishes. Sometimes just switching gears will distract you enough that you won’t think about food for another couple of hours.

4. Do push-ups or some form of exercise – Another idea is to do push-ups or jumping jacks when you can’t stop thinking about food. Shift gears and get blood pumping somewhere else besides your stomach.

5. Have a Light Snack – If you really can’t stop thinking about food, try having a light, low-calorie snack to ward off hunger pains until you’re ready to have a real meal. Try popcorn or jello – Something light and snacky 🙂