Could You Be a Model?

Modelling used to be a fairly exclusive profession. There have always been set measurements for what it would take to succeed, i.e. all female catwalk models would have to be a minimum of 5 foot 9 inches, with bust-waist-hip measurements of 34-24-34 inches (ideally in those proportions) before they could even get near a modelling job. But if you look at our runways today and see the likes of Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss walking for some of the biggest brands today, at only 5 foot 7 inches tall.

Shows such as America’s Next Top Model have even relaxed their entry requirements to be inclusive of this new brand of model. Recent series have included a focus on shorter model, plus size and older models Рan attempt to end the stigma around the industry being so restrictive on its definition of beauty.

Signs That You Are Hotter Than You Think You Are

Have you ever wondered if you are good looking? Here are some signs that point to YES!

    1. You get free stuff a lot – Especially if you’re a girl. Do you find guys behind the counter regularly offering you free drinks, chips, cookies, etc. When you come up to the counter after ordering and ask for an extra side of dressing, does the checker tell you not to worry about paying? For some reason people are often inclined to do favors for people they perceive as being good looking.

  1. People look up at you when you walk by – Walk into a room full of people and notice how many people look up from what they are doing to check you out. Is it a large percentage of the people?
  2. People stare longer than a split second – When you walk by strangers do they look you up an down, maybe spending 2-3 seconds scanning and checking you out? That only happens when they think you’re attractive.
  3. Do you not get a lot of compliments? Especially women will assume that if you’re attractive you already know it and they won’t compliment you a lot.
  4. People are surprised when you show insecurities – Do acquaintances act surprised when you show insecurity about something? People often assume that attractive people are more secure and confident in themselves than they really are.

  1. People try to impress you – Do you find yourself in situations when acquaintances and strangers will be engaging you in a conversation when they are trying to show you just how great they are? It’s probably a sign that you’re attractive.