Psychics – Real or Fake?

In a world where many things are not explainable, people turn to psychics for the answers. What do you think? Do you believe in the power of ESP? Take the poll below and see what everyone else thinks too!

Do You Believe in Psychics?

A majority of Americans – 57% – say they believe in psychic phenomena such as ESP (Extra Sensory Perception), telepathy or experiences that can’t be explained by normal means.
While a majority of the public believes psychic phenomena take place, only a small number say they have actually had a psychic experience. Eight in 10 have never had such an encounter, and 16% say they have.

Even though an equal number of men and women think psychic phenomena happen (57%), more women than men say they have experienced phenomena such as telepathy or ESP. 20% of women admit to having an experience compared to 13% of men.

Age plays a factor too. Those between the ages of 45-64 are the age group most likely to say they’ve had a psychic encounter (21%). Just 11% of Americans under 30 likely to say they’ve had a psychic experience. Also, adults who think psychic phenomena occur are more likely to admit they’ve had a psychic experience. 26% of believers say the have had an experience, compared to only 4% of non-believers.

Do You Know What These Emojis Mean?

Test your emoji knowledge – how well do you know what these mean?

1.The most-used emoji on Facebook? The laugh-cry emoji (😂) is still going strong—it also took the top of the list for Twitter usage last year.

2. It’s followed by ol’ Heart Eyes, which is lovely.

3. Despite, um, everything, maybe American users actually got a little happier this year. In 2016 the top Twitter emoji in the U.S. was this angsty, weary dude: 😩. This year? The rolling-on-the-floor emoji is the winner with American Facebook users

4. Facebook Messenger users are full of affection: In the U.K., Thailand, Canada, and Brazil, the top Messenger emojis were all heart-related (❤️,💘, or 💕). The U.S. and India both blew kisses to their friends, with 😘 dominating the (emoji) conversations.

5. More than 5 billion emoji are sent every day on Messenger. 😲

6. None of the top-10 most used emoji on Facebook convey negative emotions, with the exception of No. 9, which is 😭. We like to think it’s mostly people regaling the world with tales of embarrassing-but-funny moments?

What Your Birth Date Says About You

According to numerology, your birth date has a significance in your life’s path or life direction. Numerologists call this the birth path or life path.

To find your number (1-9) Simply add all the digits of your birth date. For example:

01-05-1975 would be: 0+1+0+5+1+9+7+5=28
Then combine those two numbers: 2+8=10
Combine again until you are down to one digit – For example: 1+0=1

Now you should have a number between 1-9.

Go through the slideshow below to see what your number means.

See what your life path is according to your number you came up with from the equation above:


Do You Believe in Psychics?

Would You Ever Use a Psychic?