How Many Calories Do You Need to Lose Weight?

Use the calculator below to determine how many calories you should eat a day to lose weight. Here is the calculator:

4 Interesting Facts About Calorie Counting:

  1. 2000 calories a day isn’t necessarily what you burn every day. That’s just an average of men and women of all heights and weights. It could be as low as 1000 calories a day for you or 3000+. It all depends on your height, weight, sex, gender, activiy level, age and other factors like how fast or slow your metabolism is.
  2. Calories are only part of the picture. There are some foods that with 100 calories will leave you hungrier and feeling more bloated than 100 calories of another food. Not all calories are created equal. Some foods increase metabolism, leave you feeling full longer, etc. Some diets of 1200 calories a day will cause you to feel full all day and other 1200 calorie diets will leave you starving and hungry. It just depends on the types of foods you choose to eat.
  3. Myth: Some foods have negative calories. There are rumors that have been going around for years stating that some food take more calories to eat and digest than they have in them. It’s not true.
  4. Losing 1 LB isn’t as cut and dried as cutting 3500 calories. Don’t we wish it was that formulaic? There are many, many factors that go into what causes you to lose a pound. 3500 calories is a rough estimate but it is not an exact science. Metabolically and hormonally, bodies are different. 3500 is kind of an average. For some people it’s less and other people it’s more.