Do You Have Anxiety?

It’s normal worry about difficult things that are happening in our lives. But, when we start feeling anxious in general, not specific to any certain event or difficulty and those feelings don’t subside, there’s a chance of having generalized anxiety.

Generalized anxiety anxiety that is going on but unrelated to any specific reason. Generalized anxiety can be related to something that should not be a cause for anxiety, like, going to the store or making a simple phone call. Here is a list of some of the symptoms of anxiety to help you see how many of these symptoms you might have. Keep in mind, there are lots of ways to help reduce generalized anxiety.

Other ways to reduce anxiety:

Try Counseling: Meeting with a therapist or mental health counselor can help you identify troubling elements in your life or past that may be currently causing you anxiety. Working through past trauma or difficult circumstances can really make a big difference in helping you with your ability to cope.

Try Medication: If counseling and breathing techniques aren’t helping, talk to a psychiatrist about medication. There are a lot of anti-anxiety medications on the market that really help with day to day living for those who are struggling with generalized anxiety.

Try Breathing Techniques: Taking deep breaths and breathing out slowly helps bring oxygen to the brain that helps calm the central nervous system. When you feel anxiety coming on, this is a great way to help get centered again.