Do You Have an Addiction?

Addiction can show up in many different areas. Someone can be addicted to video games, drugs, pornography, alcohol, gambling and various other destructive habits. Could you have started habits that are taking over and turning you into an addict? Have your behaviors started to look like patterns of addiction? Take the quiz below as a general guide to see if there might be a problem.

Substitute ‘destructive habit’ with your possible addictive behavior.

Count how many times you can answer TRUE to the statements below:

1. I’m concerned about my destructive habit.
2. I have lied multiple times to hide my destructive habit.
3. I avoid people who would not approve of my destructive habit.
4. My job and/or school performance has suffered because of my destructive habit.
5. My destructive habit has led to arrest and/or legal problems.
6. I am running into financial problems related to my destructive habit.
7. I am having difficulty cutting back on my destructive habit.
8. My destructive habit is starting to negatively affect my relationships with loved ones.
9. My destructive habit is starting to interfere with sleep and eating habits.
10. The thought of not being able to continue my destructive habit terrifies me.
11. I feel very guilty about my destructive habit.
12. My destructive habit is occupying most of mental energy.
13. My loved ones are suffering because of my inability to control this destructive habit.
14. I think I have an addiction problem.

1-3 – Chance of addiction. Definitely pay attention to the warning signs and do your best to break this bad habit.

4-5 – Addiction on the radar. Time to get serious about breaking this bad habit. You’re getting into more serious addictive consequences. Get support from loved ones.

6+ – Addiction – Moderate to Severe. Get help. Talk to a trusted friend and get professional help. Addiction can cause serious problems in your life. It’s important to get help early on!